15 ways Scarborough has changed since the year 2000

The world looked very different at the turn of the millennium.

Sunday, 15th December 2019, 11:32 am
Updated Sunday, 15th December 2019, 11:34 am
15 ways Scarborough has changed since 2000.
15 ways Scarborough has changed since 2000.

The Internet had not yet completely taken over, social media was still a fledgling idea, Manchester United were eight points clear at the top of the table and Leeds were still in the Premier League. In Scarborough, a lot has changed in the last twenty years - which of these changes do you think have been for the better? See even more changes here.

Since 2000 family favourites Kinderland and the Corner Cafe have been knocked down to make way for The Sands Development, Alpamare and, hopefully, eventually, the North Bay multiplex cinema.
Despite a long fight from protesters, the Futurist Theatre was demolished in 2018 after closing in 2014. The future of the site is not yet known, but Flamingo Land are the preferred developer.

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On the other side of town, the Open Air has reinvented itself this millennium. After closing in 1986 the theatre was untouched until a major refurbishment in 2010. Since then it has drawn Britney, Kylie and Biffy Clyro to town.
Its been a turbulent 20 years for football in the town. Scarborough FC were wound up in 2007. Shortly after Scarborough Athletic formed and have worked their way to the Northern Premier League and moved to a new stadium in 2017.
For many years the University of Hull has a campus in Scarborough based on Filey Road. The satellite campus was wound down in 2015, becoming part of the Hull College group. CU Scarborough arrived in 2015.
Scarborough RUFC was established over 90 years ago. After years of playing and the club growing, they finally moved to their present home in 2009.
Old Filey Road used to be chock a block during commuter times until the bypass was completed in 2008, a major development in Scarborough.
Scarboroughs Opera House was designed by local architect Frank Tugwelll, who also designed The Futurist. The last performance was in 1995. The building was converted into the Opera House Casino which opened in 2005.
Scarborough Market Hall needed some love at the beginning of the 2000s and went through a 2.7m refurbishment in 2016 before reopening in 2017. It's now a wonderful space used for special events as well as market trade.
The extensive sea defence project along the Marine Drive took place in the early 2000s and have dramatically changed the appearance of the North Bay, becoming an established feature of the coastline.
At the turn of the century the harbour looked very different. The installation of 60 new pontoons was completed in December 2006, the final stage of the harbour and marina improvement project.
The Scarborough Indoor Pool on North side closed in 2017 and providing decades of memories to residents. Everyone Active at the Scarborough Sports Village now provide facilities for the town to use.
The towns secondary schools have changed over the past 20 years. Raincliffe doesnt exist anymore after merging with Graham.
Launching in 2015, this major, national sporting event has brought thousands of people to Scarborough to watch the start or finish of the race. It has become a regular fixture in the calendar.
Scarborough RNLI lifeboat station is one of the oldest in the British Isles, founded in 1801. The current lifeboat house was opened in November 2016.