1982: Murder hunt is launched

A MURDER hunt was launched in Scarborough this week 25 years ago after 30-year-old Paul Cahill was found stabbed to death in his top-floor room at a house in Falsgrave Road.

Mr Cahill, who had gone to St

Peter's and St Augustine's

Schools and had had a number

of different jobs, was an avid

Elvis Presley fan. Police said he

was known as "a street homosexual".

The murder hunt was led by

Detective Chief Superintendent

Strickland Carter, the head of

the North Yorkshire Police's

CID and a former Scarborough

CID chief.

Police quickly issued the

description of a young man

who had called on Mr Cahill on

the evening he was killed and

also made intensive inquiries

among the local homosexual

community, besides checking

on names in his diary and letters

found in his room.

Only just over a week after

the discovery of the body a 24-

year-old local man was named

as the mystery caller police

wanted to interview. He was

arrested at a festival in Suffolk

after a member of the public

recognised him, then charged

with murdering Mr Cahill on

Saturday August 21.