Remembering the Scarborough school proms of 2008

With this year's Scarborough proms ready to take place over the next couple of months, we take a trip down memory lane back, to prom night in 2008.

By Duncan Atkins
Wednesday, 22nd May 2019, 1:06 pm
Looking glamorous arriving for the school prom.
Looking glamorous arriving for the school prom.

Can you see anyone you recognise?

Matt Williams, Rich Smalley, Dan Woolley, Kaine Waterson.
Stacey Leng, David Atkinson, Gemma Deeley, Jamie-Lee Smythe.

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Rebecca Boag, Natalie Couch, Emily Fewster, Rachael Malton, Ellen Campbell.
Jared Thorpe, Harry Loy, Charlie Swainston, Richard Plummer, Danny Hart, Liam Hewitt, Oliver Ritchie, Matthew Hartley, Chris Malthouse.
Laura Eddery, Vicki Michael, Cerena Butterworth, Helen Stewart, Lisa Hiley.
Harry Loy and Lucy Roberts and friends get set to board their limo.
Rosie Luntley, Emily Hartley, Bethany Gargan, Georgia Eade, Hannah Baker, Michaela Chambers, Neilly Galinski, Camilla Tite.
Danni Alves (L), Ben Castleton, Natalie Parker, Shaun Butcher, Jonathon Lorains, and Cassie Simpson looking swish
Jerry Penrose (L), Kirstie Carter-Thompson, Jessica Breary, and Katy Robinson.
The guys look forward to their night.
Friends Lucy Gulliver (L), Emma Barker and Kirsty Smith, who arrived in style in a Bentley.