ATHLETICS: Myers sparkles for Scarborough AC

Twenty-seven Scarborough AC juniors competed in the third round of the Youth Development League at Middlesbrough Sports Village.

Friday, 1st July 2016, 9:14 am
Updated Friday, 1st July 2016, 10:17 am

They achieved an outstanding total of 43 personal best performances and, after finishing fourth, have secured their place in Division One barring extremely unlikely results in the final meeting, held at York University.

The six under-15 boys provided the individual top scores for the club, with Alex Myers the top overall scorer.

Myers won the A discus and B shot and was second in the A javelin and achieved personal bests in all three events.

Joe Matique, Tom MacDonald and Christian Mummert shared the second highest points haul.

Matique was second in the A high jump with a personal best. He was also third in both the A 100 metres and long jump.

MacDonald was second in the A 300 metres and shot, and second in the B 800 metres, and also achieved bests in all three events.

Mummert was first in the B long jump, and achieved bests with a second in the A 800 metres and B high jump.

Tom Mummert was the winner of the B discus with a best, fourth in the A 200 metres and also the B 100 metres with a best.

Tali Schumann-Saunders made a winning return to league competition in the B javelin with a best.

Another best was achieved with fifth in the 1,500 metres. He was also second in the B 300 metres.

The 12 under-15 girls at the meeting provided the bulk of the team’s overall score and Isabel Matique was this group’s top scorer with a second in the A high jump and another runner-up spot in the B 800 metres.

Her tally was increased with a third and a PB in 75 metres hurdles.

The second highest scorer was Hannah Ellam, who was second and with a best in the A long jump and a fourth in the 100 metres.

There were many personal bests at the meeting and two of the girls, Ebony Cooper achieved three bests, while Sophie Boddy and Daisy Willis achieved two PBs in their events.

Cooper’s were achieved when finishing fourth in the B 300 metres, fifth in A discus and first in the non-scoring 800 metres.

Boddy’s bests came when fourth in the A 1,500 metres and fifth in A discus.

Willis scored bests with a second in the B 1500 metres and a third in the non-scoring 100 metres

Jazmine Hillary made a seasonal league debut, and was third in the B discus and fifth A shot with a PB.

Isabel Louth was fourth in both the A 200 metres which included a best and the B 100 metres.

Katie Robinson was fourth in the A 300 metres with a best and third in the B javelin. Emily Carroll was second in the B long jump and fourth in the B 200 metres with a best.

Katie Tomlinson was third in the B high jump and fourth A 75 metres hurdles. Cerys Barf was fifth in the B shot and seventh with a best in the non-scoring 100 metres. Gemma Casson was fifth A 800 metres with a best.

The six under-13 girls made up for lack of numbers with some top scores and many personal best performances.

Jess Raw was the top scorer after a second in the A high jump, second in the B long jump and third in the A 70 metres hurdles.

Ivy Bourne was a very close second highest after good results in her three A events which consisted of a third in the 800 metres and long jump, which was also a best. She was also fourth in the 75 metres.

Kate Mullany and Amelia Wilson achieved bests in all of their three events.

Mullany was second in the B 70 metres hurdles, fourth in the A 150 metres and also fourth in the B 75 metres. Wilson was fourth in all of her three B events namely the 150 metres, 800 metres and shot.

Ellie Raw and Emma Willis scored bests in two of their three events. Raw achieved some good points in all of her three A events, with fourth places and bests in the 1,200 metres and javelin, she was also fifth in the shot.

Willis’ bests were achieved with a B high jump win and also a fourth at 1,200 metres. She was also second in the B long jump.

The under-13 three boys all achieved all achieved personal best performances and very useful points towards the overall team total.

Duncan Barf was marginally the top scorer with a second in the B javelin and third in the A shot, both of which were bests. He was also fourth in the 1,500 metres.

Alfie Willis achieved bests in all his events with second in the A javelin, fourth in the B 100 metres and fifth in the A 800 metres.

Jake Clough made a notable club and league debut with high scores in all of his three A events. He was fourth in the 200 metres and fifth in the 100 metres and long jump

Chris Wade, Sharon Houghton, Sue Lawal, Dolly Willis, Owen Willis and Michaela Wilson gained the maximum amount of officials points for their valuable contribution.