Bloomers’ Boot Camp - Final report

Andy Bloomfield is put through his paces at the Barons boot camp by instructor Dave Mort
Andy Bloomfield is put through his paces at the Barons boot camp by instructor Dave Mort

Well after a month of early rises and running, jumping and falling in rain, sleet and snow you’d have thought I would be glad to see the back of the boot camp.

Despite the 6am starts and the freezing weather, I have to admit a week or so after the end of boot camp I wish I was still doing it.

I missed the last session on Good Friday due to a grumpy toddler keeping me awake all night, and unfortunately this meant I missed the fitness assessment that would’ve told me how much progress I had made and how much weight, if any, I had lost. Earlier in the week the instructors had been pushing us very hard, which showed us how much progress we had made - especially the very long assault course.

With it being a bank holiday weekend the lads at Barons Gym were busy so I’ve not had my assessment, and after a week or so without regular morning routines any assessment would be misleading.

Well I have noticed I can fit into my clothes a lot easier than I did before boot camp and I have a new livelier attitude to life, I’ve been on lots more walks with my three young daughters and I also went for my first jog for several years yesterday afternoon.

I have even started doing regular sit-ups etc on a morning and evening to try and keep fit!

I am also set to join the gym at the rugby club at the start of next month along with my brother, so you can certainly say the boot camp has given me a boot up the proverbial - getting me off my backside and motivating me to do more.

The instructors Paul, Dave, Dave M, Gill and Tommy were superb and I would like to thank them for pushing me and their advice.

The next boot camp at the rugby club starts in May and some of March’s boot campers are bound to be there again so I’d contact Barons on 357740 ASAP if you want to join the early morning fun.

Many of my fellow boot campers have started going to the gym at 6am to stay in the routine of early morning exercise, as the gym is opening early to cater for them.

I can see why many would go back for more, and I’ve already put in my early birthday present request of a boot camp, bet its a bit nicer in summer!