Adam Hutchinson and Wykeham Cricket Club receive top Yorkshire Cricket Board award

Wykeham Cricket Club coach Adam Hutchinson has won a top Yorkshire Cricket Board award but is keen that the plaudits be shared among all who have helped the club’s development.

By Andy Bloomfield
Thursday, 26th May 2022, 7:31 am
Updated Friday, 27th May 2022, 2:49 pm
Adam Hutchinson of Wykeham Cricket Club receives top Yorkshire Cricket Board award

Photo by Will Palmer/
Adam Hutchinson of Wykeham Cricket Club receives top Yorkshire Cricket Board award Photo by Will Palmer/

Hutchinson won the Yorkshire Cricket Board’s Outstanding Contribution to Coaching award, which was announced shortly before the start of the 2022 season.

The Yorkshire Cricket Board said on social media: “Congratulations to Adam Hutchinson - winner of the Outstanding Contribution to Coaching Award.

“Adam has transformed Wykeham CC by bringing his enthusiasm and coaching skills to the club.

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“He is the Junior Section Manager of the Under-11s, Under-12s and Under-13s, and team manager of the Women and Girls and MCC Girls joint hub Scarborough region.

“Adam has grown the junior membership from 60 members to over 120 through links with local schools and has a reputation for ensuring kids enjoy cricket regardless of ability.

“He has created a fun inclusive environment where the juniors, women and girls members feel safe and happy to develop and play their cricket. A fabulous contribution to the game.”

Hutchinson was very modest about his award and was quick to point out how much of a team effort that the club’s good work is.

Wykeham CC’s women’s and girls team show off their new kit sponsored by Richard Creaser at Scarborough Flooring. The team are playing in the East Yorkshire League this season for first time

“It was great to get the award but it is the club who deserve it, I just led .

“The main point is the club is on the up, a great place to play junior cricket.

“Wykeham CC was the only place really for girls in the area however our efforts have led to inspire other clubs to start their journeys, and we have entered the East Yorkshire league for women’s cricket.

“So Wykeham CC is a place for everyone whatever ability.

“We are running softball teams, there will be festivals happening and Wykeham is also hosting Yorkshire CCC games due to the friendly nature of our club, we had the MCC women’s semi-final here last season.

“This season the Czech Under-14s team travel to play in England and one game will be at Wykeham.

“We also now have a new bowling machine for the club.

“We are just trying to grow and give children and players a place they can enjoy cricket and a social situation, it is not all about winning but we win more than lose so it is a nice balance.

“The key people to acknowledge are Ian Thompson, Pete and Sam Shepherdson, Charles Day, Emma Steel, Laurence Day, James Bryant, Steve Clegg, Gareth Barnard, Tony and Jane Graves, Mike and Kath Dugdale, Rachael Hutchinson, David Grimwood, Nicky Jackson and Richard Creaser. (plus many more).

“They are all key to the club’s growth now and in future and our members even more so as they support what we do both in participation and support in the ground.

“We have also been given a £10,000 welcoming county grant for club includes an EPos system, WiFi for club, painting, and a new cafe in the pavilion.”

Hutchinson is now club chairman at Wykeham CC, but he has many roles at the club.

He is also the Wykeham CC Junior Section Manager (five teams) as well as the Mixed U11s Coach, the Women and Girls Co-Ordinator and the MCC Girls joint Hub Manager of the Scarborough region, based at Wykeham.

He also hosted the MCC Women’s Regional Final day at Wykeham CC in conjunction with Reece Bird at MCC.

Hutchinson also has been the club chef, cooking pizzas for all juniors after their games to make them enjoy it and create a social place to play not so serious.

He is also a Derwent Valley Junior League Committee member and a Scarborough Beckett League Committee member.