Cricket leagues keen to hear reform suggestions following spate of resignations

What changes do you want to see in local cricket? Or is it fine just the way it is? Email or Tweet @SN_Sport
What changes do you want to see in local cricket? Or is it fine just the way it is? Email or Tweet @SN_Sport

Following a series of teams withdrawing from the various local cricket leagues, many clubs, players and officials have called for reform in the game.

Brompton pulled out of the AndyHire Evening League last week and joined Beckett League trio Hunmanby, Lockton and Flamborough and Derwent Valley sides Thornton Dale 3rds and Commercial in pulling out of their competitions over the past few seasons.

053519 b30 aug 30'Ashley Winspear ,Ebberston Cricket.

053519 b30 aug 30'Ashley Winspear ,Ebberston Cricket.

Various clubs withdrew their commitment to the Evening League last season, including Hospitals, while Scalby only field two teams now compared to the three they had last season.

This flurry of clubs withdrawing has led to a host of players taking to Facebook and Twitter and calling for reform in the game to halt the declining numbers of teams and players taking part in the sport.

The Scarborough News spoke to committee members from both the Readers Scarborough Beckett League and the Derwent Valley League and both are keen to hear suggestions on how to move forward.

Beckett League secretary Ashley Winspear (pictured left) said: “If people want things to change then they need to come forward and tell us what they want.

“It’s their league, we’re merely the custodians of it and it’s upto them what formats we play. We’re not all wrinkly old men sat around a table, we’ll listen and put it to our member teams if they have ideas.

“It seems people just don’t have the commitment to play not just cricket, but any sport these days. Younger lads just don’t seem as interested.

“We used to play a lot more nights than we do now but we’re seeing less people interested.

“I don’t know where we’ll be even two years down the line as things are changing all the time. It’s not just in this area that this is happening, it’s all over the country.”

Derwent Valley League secretary Bernard Goulding (pictured left) echoed Winspear’s sentiments about players lacking the same level of interest and commitment that used to be evident.

Goulding said: “It seems people get to the age of 16 and lose interest in cricket these days, which is a shame.

“You can see that from the fact the under-15s league is down to eight teams from 30 this year.

“It doesn’t help that nobody seems to want to run teams or leagues anymore. You used to get secretaries running clubs for 30-odd years, they seem to be changing hands a lot more often now.

“It’s not just cricket though, this seems to be a problem in a lot of other sports now too.”

Both the Beckett and Derwent Valley league require notification of any suggestions for any alterations from member clubs by Saturday November 30, and The Scarborough News want to hear what changes you want to see to the local cricket leagues so we can canvas the league officials again.

What changes do you want to see? Have your say. Send your proposals to or write to Daniel Gregory, The Scarborough News, 17-23 Aberdeen Walk, Scarborough, YO11 1BB.

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