Ebberston all-rounder Turnbull heading Down Under

Matty Turnbull (front) is heading Down Under
Matty Turnbull (front) is heading Down Under

Ebberston all-rounder Matty Turnbull is packing his bags and heading to Australia in August.

Turnbull, 19, who also plays for Easingwold, Westow and Burythorpe, will be moving to the area surrounding Melbourne for six months from mid-August.

Turnbull’s AndyHire Evening League teammate Dylan Bolton, who is from Victoria, Australia, has arranged for Turnbull to play for his league side Down Under, Boisdale-Briagolong CC.

Staxton’s Chris Dove played for Boisdale when he went to Australia two years ago, a deal that saw Australian Nicoll Sandison come to play for Staxton.

Turnbull can’t wait to get going now. He said: “I’m going for six months in mid-August, I’ll be playing for the same team that Chris played for when he went over.

“Chris said it’s a better standard than the Beckett League, but I think it might be like the York League, where I play for Easingwold.

“I think going down there will help me improve and mature as a player and a person.

“As a quick bowler I think the harder and faster pitches out there will help me, and I like to play on the back foot with pace on the ball when I’m batting, so I’m looking forward to that part too.

“I’ll be doing a bit of labouring while I’m over there, but I’m going for the experience really.

The quick bowler admits his mum doesn’t want him to travel to Australia, but that his dad Adrian, who also plays for Ebberston, is keen for him to go.

Matty said: “Mum doesn’t want me to go over, but my dad and grandad both said to go.

“This is the first time I’ll be going abroad without my family so it will be an experience, I’m looking forward to it.

“I’m only labouring self-employed at the moment so I thought ‘why not?’.

“I’m still young and I’m not held back by anything over here, so it makes sense.”

Staxton all-rounder Dove is backing Turnbull to do well at Boisdale.

Dove said: “It’s a good standard, a lot better than the Beckett League.

“When I was there, Stephen Parry, who plays for Lancashire, played, and a few Australian internationals came from there.

“I think Matty will do alright though.”

Turnbull admits the only thing that almost stopped him from going was football.

The former Staxton FC man, who was at Pickering Town as well as Scarborough Athletic’s under-19s last season, admitted he had to choose between the two sports, and cricket prevailed,

Turnbull added: “I’ve always put cricket first but I did well with my football last season and had a choice to make.

“But you’re only young once and this is an opportunity I didn’t want to turn down.”