From the Boundary: Warner’s ban is another blow to Aussie’s Ashes bid

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David Warner’s alleged ‘attack’ on England’s Joe Root in the early hours of Sunday morning is another hammer blow to the Aussies ahead of the Ashes.

The Australians had their widely-publicised discipline issues on their tour of India recently, and they have been added to by Warner’s unprovoked attack on the Yorkshire batsman.

Let’s be honest, Rooty wouldn’t say boo to a goose.

I know Warner (pictured right) isn’t exactly the biggest lad, but Root seems an innocent bloke.

Warner texted Root on Sunday to apologise for the incident, but that doesn’t make it ok does it?

Warner seems a bit of a loose cannon if you ask me, but there is another angle to all of this and I think it adds a bit of extra needle to the Ashes series.

Both sides will be armed with more sledging come the first morning of the first Test, and that will add an extra spice to the proceedings.

We’ve just had a great week for first class cricket at North Marine Road and we were delighted we got all five days in, with decent crowds in at the ground as well.

I was happy with how the pitch played. It had plenty of pace and carry, especially on the Sunday when Liam Plunkett was pushing it through at good pace.

Groundsman John Dodds said he would have liked a bit more pace on the deck during the Notts’ game, but I just think Yorkshire were missing their fastest bowlers and the medium pacers were operating.

We’d have hoped for a bigger crowd on the Sunday, but Yorkshire were already out of the competition.

Our first team will be looking to beat Hull at home, while the seconds go to Pocklington in urgent need of a win to move away from the wrong end of the table. The thirds play Staxton 2nds at Scarborough College.