Mixed emotions as skipper Rinke prepares to depart


SCARBOROUGH Cricket Club’s first-team captain Piet Rinke admits to mixed emotions at his decision to return to his native Zimbabwe come the end of the season.

Rinke has been with the club for four years now and was installed as the first XI’s new skipper at the start of the current campaign replacing former skipper Darren Harland as the man at the helm of the Yorkshire League side.

But Rinke has decided it is time to move back to Harare in Zimbabwe and flies back on September 19, nine days after the season reaches its conclusion.

And the skipper admits he is experiencing mixed emotions at the move back home.

He said: “It’s a decision that was initially taken due to my brother being very ill.

“He has since improved slightly but it is important that the family business continues to run smoothly.

“Me and my wife discussed things and we found ourselves in a massive ‘rat race’ over here. When I am working she is off and vice versa.

“And it is something I have been thinking about for a long time now.

“If we wanted to start a family then I don’t think we could realistically do that over here at the moment.

“We are just too busy with work and our other commitments.”

Rinke, who helped bring on a fresh batch of youngsters during his short tenancy as skipper, admits that he will miss playing cricket for the club.

He added: “I think the lads responded well to me. I hope that during the younger guys’ progression in their careers that they will view their time playing under me as productive and helpful.

“I think I instilled a good work ethic in the lads and hope that they felt they wanted to play for me and progress.”

Rinke is confident that the club will continue to move forward, with or without him plying his trade as skipper.

He added: “The club will continue to make progress. Selection policy has remained the same this season, right down from the first team to the third team, and that will remain the same.

“The club has some excellent young players and I am sure they will continue to grow and perform in coming seasons.”

Rinke believes current vice-skipper Simon Tennant is the leading candidate as his successor.

He added: “It will be for the committee to decide, but Simon is the obvious candidate. He has a lot of experience”