Snainton resign from the Beckett League

Snainton have resigned from the Beckett League
Snainton have resigned from the Beckett League

The Readers Scarborough Beckett League have suffered another blow after Snainton joined Flamborough and became the second team to resign this season.

Hunmanby withdrew their first team last season before Flamborough joined them just days before the 2013 campaign kicked off last month, and now Snainton have withdrawn their first team from division A.

Snainton have struggled to raise a side on a number of occasions and were forced to pull out of their match against Sherburn last weekend, and they have now taken the decision to resign from the Beckett League.

They have taken the same decision as both Hunmanby and Flamborough and will keep their second team operating in division C of the Derwent Valley League.

Beckett League secretary Ashley Winspear said: “It’s very disappointing for the league and for local cricket that another team have resigned from the Beckett League.

“That’s potentially two fixtures that some teams will miss out on and we’ve now lost three teams in a relatively short space of time. With Duncombe Park leaving at the end of the season and we’re four down.

“We provisionally wanted to change the constitution to six divisions of 12 across the two leagues, but we need 72 teams to do that and I doubt we’ll have them now.”

Winspear admits that the league’s committee members discussed the option of forcing Snainton’s 2nd team to resign rather than their firsts, but as with the Flamborough situation, that option wasn’t considered.

The league secretary added: “We discussed that option (again), but that would mean a jump up of five divisions for some of their 2nd team players, and you then run the risk of them dropping out too and we could lose another team.”

Winspear is concerned with the amount of teams dropping out of local cricket leagues, he added: “I wouldn’t go as far to say that local cricket is in crisis, but it seems people have a lot of other things to do now and don’t seem as interested in local cricket as they were.”

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