Danny not happy with performance despite victory

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Danny Price was less than happy with his performance on Saturday night, despite the fact he comfortably out-pointed sturdy opponent John Anthony at Sheffield’s Hillsborough Leisure Centre.

Price was carrying an injury to his left shoulder going into the bout, so the cruiserweight couldn’t express his full potential in the ring.

The 26-year-old dominated 31-fight veteran Anthony, a former entrant into Sky TV’s Prizefighter show, but he was still heavily critical of his performance.

He said: “That was my worst performance since I turned professional.

“I picked up an injury to my shoulder in the build-up to the fight and that stopped me doing the things that I wanted to do.

“I was trying different things out there and working behind the jab, but it just wasn’t going how I wanted it.

“It was still good to get out there and get some more experience though.

“I am learning all the time, both in the gym and in the ring. There will be lots of things for me to work on after this fight.

“I’ll be looking to rest it now and I will come back better.”

Sky pundit Barry McGuigan (pictured above) felt that Price was trying too hard to take out his opponent in the allotted four rounds.

McGuigan, a former featherweight world champion, said: “He is only annoyed that he wasn’t able to stop Anthony.

“Stephen Simmonds has had him over six rounds and so has Matty Askin, Danny Price wanted to go one better than them. He was probably too over-eager.

“He was trying to use single shots too often, which is like going back to his amateur days. Danny would be annoyed at himself for doing that.”