Alec’s set for Great return

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Alec Coulson will tackle the Great North Run later this year after completing a stunning turnaround and losing five stone.

Coulson took part in two boot camps through Compass Gym and through his fitness boost, the former Edgehill manager has enjoyed something of an Indian Summer, making a superb return to playing for Edgehill and Trafalgar.

Coulson wishes he had become more active years ago after losing five stone in seven months.

He said: “I never used to like running to be honest, but in August I just decided that enough is enough.

“Doing the boot camps has been brilliant, I can’t recommend them enough.

“The guys at Compass have been great and have really helped me out.

“I’ve really enjoyed playing again and I’ve been scoring a few goals too, which is a bonus.

“Both the teams I play for have big games and cup finals coming up, so it’s great to be back playing.”

Coulson is running the GNR for Colitis & Crohn’s Disease UK (NACC), after his late father, Steve, passed away from the hereditary disease in 2008.

He added: “My dad passed away from Crohn’s and it’s a hereditary disease so it could affect anyone in the family in the future.

“The work the NACC do is great and the funding they get helps with research into the disease.

“I’m not setting any targets at all for how much I’d like to raise.

“I know a lot of people knew my dad in the local football community and hopefully quite a few know me and we’ll be able to raise a fair amount for a great cause.”

Alec has been putting in the hard yards in the build-up to the race.

He added: “I’m up at 5.15am to get out for runs every morning.”

Anyone wanting to donate should visit