Athletic all set for Eastfield friendly clash

Ryan Blott, Joel Ramm, Robbie Hawkes, Tommy Adams and Anthony Pickles take a breather
Ryan Blott, Joel Ramm, Robbie Hawkes, Tommy Adams and Anthony Pickles take a breather

Scarborough Athletic got their pre-season preparatory sessions underway over the past week.

A group of old and new players turned out last Thursday and then on Tuesday, where the majority signed up for the new season.

Rudy Funk chats to Steve Brennan, Warren Foster and Steve Dorey

Rudy Funk chats to Steve Brennan, Warren Foster and Steve Dorey

The club are hoping to conclude all of the signings on Saturday when Boro kick-off their first pre-season match with a clash against Eastfield at Yorkshire Coast College, 3pm.

“It has been a nice opening to the pre-season, we have a few new lads and they have all slotted in nicely,” said Funk.

“It feels to me that the new lads have been here forever.

“We have done a bleep test and our average level was 13, which is a good effort.

“We have a group of people here who are enjoying themselves and we want to keep this momentum going.

“When I came last year I didn’t realise what the Eastfield game meant to our fans. It is the perfect game for them to come down and see the new lads we have brought in.

“As long as we are here in Scarborough I will play this game. It makes me proud to have a game in the town, hopefully we’ll be back playing in Scarborough full time soon.”

Funk added: “This is only the start of things in what I hope will be a big season.

“We are aiming for the top because we do have a lot of quality in the squad, but there is a lot of hard work to be done between then and now.”

Former Edgehill and Pickering Town man Joel Ramm was among those training and he was joined by a number of other recruits from Scarborough.

Former Pickering skipper Tom Adams was also in attendance, as was Robbie Hawkes and Scarborough Town player of the year Anthony Pickles.

Ramm said: “You come to this level and you want to play for the best team.

“This is my home town club, which has had a fresh start after everything that has gone on in the past.

“I’ve been to training twice, all of the lads are good lads and they take you in as one of their own, which makes it a great thing to be a part of.

“It was hard to leave Pickering because it is a family club, but I though the time had come to push myself and see how far I could go.

“If things don’t work then they don’t, if they do then it will be fantastic.

“I’d encourage any Scarborough lads to do the same. Tom Adams, who is one of my best mates, has come down from Pickering and there are a few other lads from the town at training.

“If players think they can step up, take the challenge and be the best player that they can be, then why not?”

Ramm added: “Looking from the first few sessions I don’t see why we can’t push on up to the next level this season.

“They were disappointed to be third last year, but it a case of getting that out of your head and pushing on.”

Another new capture, Andy Milne, is expecting big things from the campaign.

Milne, a defender, who played 49 games for Ossett Town last season, said: “I spoke to Rudy about the size of the club, how it is a sleeping giant and one that can keep going up and up, that is what sold the move.

“I was at Leeds as a kid, I went on loan to Darlington, then I moved to Barrow, Altrincham, Halifax and then Ossett last year.

“I don’t see it as a step down for me.

“It may be in divisions, but because of the size of the club I don’t think that is the case.

“I live in York, so this is the ideal move. I see Scarborough as my long-term club.”