Athletic supporters capable of big things

Rudy Funk thanks the fans at Worksop
Rudy Funk thanks the fans at Worksop

This column is for you out there, the supporters of Scarborough Athletic Football Club.

Of course you have questions for me, sometimes I am not in a position to answer them and sometimes I have to keep a few things under wraps.

There has been a lot of work done behind the scenes, but our chairman Dave Holland, Sandra Troughton, Geoff Osguthorpe and others have been like a rock to me.

This is superb for me because it allows you to plan and it allows you to get the squad right.

I have been a little concerned in recent weeks because the selection headaches have started a little.

Paddy Miller, Bill Law and Chris Hewitt have all left, these players have been difficult to replace.

If you link that with Tom Claisse being away on Olympic duty and the injuries to Ollie Ryan, Tony Hackworth and Gaz Clayton, it has demended a reshuffle.

This put a bit of pressure on me and I was affected more last week by the news that my son-in-law Matt Draper has decided to move on.

I have managed Matt for seven years now, I had a fantastic relationship with him because he is an out-and-out defender.

I had to face up to Matt and when he told me he was leaving it was very hard to come to terms with.

Assistant managers Darren France and Denny Ingram rallied round me and my captain Tony Hackworth was outstanding with his support in what was probably my toughest time as a manager.

At Worksop we did our best to gee the players up before the game, the mood and the preparations were fantastic.

When we walked out and headed towards the dug-out the cheers and support prior to the kick-off was amazing, I felt a really strong togetherness between us and the fans.

I can’t thank the supporters enough for that kind of reception.

We took an early lead, but we ended up falling behind going into the closing stages, despite that though the fans kept cheering and clapping their hands - they really made it happen for us.

The fans took us to another level, they really made a difference. I looked around and all I could see were red shirts and yellow shirts cheering us forward.

Usually I don’t look at people directly when I walk off but I heard a gentleman with grey hair saying something like our performance was fantastic and he thanked me. I thanked him back.

When people say nice things like that and they get behind you it it makes a massive difference.

The fans lifted every player 101 per cent and really showed what they are capable of.