Blott stung by 112-day ban

boro vs barton
boro vs barton

SCARBOROUGH striker Ryan Blott could be set to miss the rest of the season after being stung with a 112-day ban.

The former Scarborough FC attacker is the victim of a new guinea pig law introduced on trial by the Northern Counties East League.

The hefty ban has been enforced because Blott has picked up 10 different suspensions in the past two years.

This has come as a massive blow to Boro boss Rudy Funk, whose side slipped to their second successive defeat at the hands of Barton Town on Saturday.

NCEL Premier promotion chasers Athletic are now checking their options about launching an appeal against the suspension.

Funk said: “Players like Ryan are something special. They light up a club and they light up a league.

“Because of this people analyse his performance and what he does on the pitch.

“Referees don’t tend to like the passion and the cockiness that Ryan shows and because of this they punish him.

“It isn’t just Ryan who is being punished though. It is myself, Ryan’s teammates and the fans as well because we are all losing his services.

“All the managers in this league work very hard because we work hard we want to enjoy our football. How am I supposed to do that when things like this are going on.

“This affects a player’s life. To me it is a disgrace and I am livid about it.

“Losing my main talisman makes me feel like my heart has been ripped out.”

Boro chairman Dave Holland was quick to support one of the club’s star players.

Holland echoed the frustration of his manager when saying: “In law there is the defence of double jeopardy where someone cannot be tried twice for the same offence retrospectively.

“Ryan has been punished for his conduct already and we cannot see the logic of hitting him and the club a second time.

“We are studying the new rule and will be putting in an appeal.”