Boro boss Funk: Emotional responses are just the way I am

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Everyone has their own style of dealing with results of football matches, including me.

I like to say it how I see it, whether we win the game or we lose it.

In recent weeks we have had a run of decent results, so players have been praised and people have been given a pat on the back.

I don’t mind losing football matches, as long as the application has been put in on the pitch by my players.

Tuesday night against Redcar Athletic was a great example of the effort not being put in, that disappointed me and I let it be known.

We put out a very strong side, a side that I would expect to win the game with and so I was very frustrated at the end of it.

We didn’t compete and so the players deserved harsh words.

I say it as it is, if I start to change then something isn’t right.

If people don’t like how I react then so be it.

It is my role as Scarborough Athletic manager to pick the team and to praise or slate the players I pick.

If we had won the game then everyone walks away a happy chappy.

Instead we lost it. I have to change my team-talk for Saturday and I have to hope that the defeat doesn’t affect us or hurt us later in the season.