Boro facing budget cut

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Scarborough Athletic director Geoff Osguthorpe has sent out a stark warning to fans - support the club or the wage budget may have to be cut.

Boro’s home attendances have taken a huge dip in recent weeks leaving the club’s finance director pondering the next step.

He has revealed that they may need to cut the cloth accordingly if gates don’t return to the break-even figure of around 380.

More dwindling attendances - starting with the home game against Ossett Town on Saturday -could result in the top players moving on.

“Something has to change, we have set out a budget for a push for the play-offs, with a budget like that we are able to cope with gates of 380-390,” he said.

“If that doesn’t happen over the next month then an option is to cut the budget, which means that the high earners would have to go.

“It is a tough one because if you cut the budget and lose players then you drop down the table and lose fans anyway.

“We are not far off that point now, things need to improve or we have a problem.

“I don’t really understand it because we are winning at home and we have made a decent start to the season.

“We all understand that it is expensive to watch matches and everyone is getting fed up of travelling to Bridlington.

“We need the fans to back us - it is also true that we need to get the club back in Scarborough sooner rather than later.”

Osguthorpe and the board are currently looking at different ways of bringing the supporters back to Queensgate.

He added: “Maybe we need to be more pro-active, go into schools or other such options, but it’s all about having the time because we have a dwindling bunch of volunteers.

“It could be the case where we have lost touch with the fansbase, a number have stopped coming and we want to know why.

“If any fans have ideas or want to have a chat about things then they should definitely get in touch.”

Fans can contact Osguthorpe by emailing: