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Boro news

Scarborough Athletic chairman Dave Holland has thrown his arms open to Scarborough Town after the Humber Premier club’s demise.

Town folded earlier this week after a struggle to raise a team in the latter part of the campaign.

Although there may have been differences in the past, Holland is keen to invite Town officials to a pre-season friendly in a bid to smooth things out.

Holland said: “It’s sad when the hopes and hard work of some people get shattered in this way; a group of former Scarborough FC fans with the same passion for football as ourselves.

“I know Town had some daunting issues to deal with; so I’m not surprised this eventually happened.

“To be honest, it always seemed a nonsense to me that we formed two separate clubs in the first place; I can’t remember how many times we’ve managed between us to confuse people with our mixed messages.

“It’s pretty obvious that each of us could only ever prosper at the expense of the other; a situation that lead to some pretty unhelpful and entrenched views on both sides.

“So now there’s only one club again. I hope that the footballing passions that inspire us can one day transcend the differences which currently separate us.

“Looking to the future I’ll be inviting former members of the Town management committee to come along as Guests of the Chairman to one of our pre-season friendlies; the match between The Scarborough and District League and ourselves at Silver Royd on July 27 would be a good one.”