Boro re-elect board members

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Scarborough Athletic have confirmed that chairman Dave Holland, vice-chairperson Wendy Danby and treasurer Geoff Osguthorpe will continue on their roles at the club.

At its December Board meeting the officers of the board stood down from their positions in order for an election to take place. As required by the society rules, votes were held for the positions of chairman, vice-chair, treasurer and society secretary of Scarborough Athletic Society Ltd.

Club President John Fawcett took the chair for this and oversaw the ballot for the officer positions, which resulted in Holland, Danby and Osguthorpe all regaining their seats.

The board shortlisted a number of candidates for the society secretary position, but given the failure of the board to implement adequate safeguards for previous occupants of this role, the matter will remain confidential until it has been filled.

The focus of the meeting then moved onto assigning portfolios to the new board members Paul Curson and Steve Smith, and to realign the positions of current board members to reflect their personal strengths.

Holland outlined the adjustments, which had been agreed by all parties concerned prior to the meeting. Stuart Fairbridge will move closer to the commercial committee, as volunteer Will Baines takes on a more central role of the communications brief at the club.

In the short to medium term, Smith will be focussing on reorganising the club’s IT infrastructure, such as the intranet, the official website and hub activities.

Curson will join the commercial committee with immediate effect, with a focus on strengthening the strategic relationships the club has with its local and regional partners.

As part of this work, the club will be joining the Scarborough and District Chamber of Trade and Commerce in the near future. Paul will also be assisting the Football Committee to explore future funding opportunities.

Following the meeting, Holland said: “These changes reflect the opportunity to reinforce the club’s commercial committee as we move into the second half of the 2013/14 season. I have looked to place our new board members Steve and Paul in positions which exploit their strengths, which I am sure they will flourish in.”