BRYAN HUGHES: Focusing on getting things right

Boro joint boss Bryan Hughes' column
Boro joint boss Bryan Hughes' column

Going into a very busy Christmas period we will have to dig deep into our resources.

The recent injury problems mean that I might have to dust my boots down once again.

We are without Pete Davidson and Chris Bolder in the midfield now, though James Bennettt is ready and willing to step up from the bench.

I played 70 minutes recently, but coming back from a broken leg takes some doing.

It is all about the confidence of making the first few challenges, but it is feeling a lot stronger now.

It is a difficult one at the moment because Paul Foot and myself have to focus on doing the joint-managers job to the best of our abilities first and foremost.

It makes sense to get everything in place, make sure we get the job on a full-time basis and then we can look more at whether we need to involve ourselves on the pitch.

Personally I don’t think we are feeling any pressure at the moment, I am enjoying the fact that we are taking responsibility.

Before we had the responsibility of being assistant managers, but ultimately the final decision came down to Rudy Funk.

We have made a few changes, bringing in Joe Cracknell, Alex Peterson and Dean Lisles, who have come into the spine of the team and they have improved us.

It is about making a change to the mentality as well.

We have been working hard on that because I believe that we are physically fine.

In the past when people have scored against us we have had a soft belly and we have conceded again and left ourselves in trouble.

That is obviously something we need to address.

We have to build when we are playing confidently, stay strong and focus on our mentality.