BRYAN HUGHES: Ronaldo tops Henry as Premier League best

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With Thierry Henry retiring from the game this week it has sparked a debate to who was the best-ever Premier League player.

He was a special talent, an individual that kept Arsenal ticking over during the time they had that great team including Robert Pires, Marc Overmars, Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit.

He was one of the best in the Premier League history. He may have graced the best levels of the game, but I know he would have liked to have won more in the English set-up.

Henry was definitely up there with the best I have played against, but he wasn’t the best.

Cristiano Ronaldo was such a special talent, who just seems to get better and better.

Even at a young age his ability was amazing and nobody realises just how strong he is.

He could use his left and right foot and he had the pace to breeze past you.

Another aspect of his game that people don’t mention too much is his ability in the air.

Ronaldo is the perfect all-round player, which is why we are currently putting seven days in for him.

It would be amazing to find a talent like him on our scouting missions.

I watch a lot of junior football and there are some very good players out there.

It is all down to the progression and development, which comes from having the right coaching and being given the correct knowledge of the game.

It is important that young players have the right attitude as well, we have seen many over the years go off the rails.

There is certainly the talent around the Scarborough area and we are putting that network in place to find any good young players.

Our problem is the fact that we could unearth a diamond and then the big clubs come in.

Sometimes that isn’t a bad thing though. If a local lad has two or three years at Leeds United or Hull City then they will be getting the right coaching until they are 16 or 17.

Obviously you want these players to go on and do well, but if that isn’t the case then they might find themselves back in town or back with Scarborough Athletic.