BRYAN HUGHES: Super-fan Are gives us fantastic backing

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Paul Foot and myself have said a lot about the backing of our supporters in recent weeks and what that means to us.

All you have to do is look at Are Guttelvik, who has made another great gesture in offering to fund the trip to Witton Albion for our travelling fans.

This gesture will be a massive benefit to everyone at the club, especially our players, who have reacted so well to the away support in the last two games.

It does make a difference, as Saturday at Glossop showed, when they helped push us over the line in a difficult game.

They also got right behind us at Trafford where they gave the players a huge lift and helped us to that valuable three points.

Before that a few people had been worrying about our form, which was probably fair enough because our run wasn’t good enough at any level.

We had been trying to pinpoint the problems in training and after the battling draw against Harrogate Railway, it seems that things are finally moving the right way.

We have picked up five points from three games, we are unbeaten in three and that leaves us in good spirits going into this weekend’s home game against New Mills.

In a similar way to how we’ve pulled things around in recent weeks, I’m confident that Chelsea’s manager Jose Mourinho will do exactly the same at the top level of our game.

I don’t know what has gone on, but it is time that his big characters step forward and come to the fore.

They have John Terry, Gary Cahill and a number of world class international players, who can help them out of their current blip.

Roman Abramovich has stuck with him in the past and I don’t see why he wouldn’t now.

When things weren’t going well, our chairman Dave Holland came out and backed us in the press and that helped us to turn things around.

It can be different at the top level because with the win-at-all-costs attitude, it can be seen as the dreaded vote of confidence.

I thought that Mourinho made a shrewd move at the weekend when he held a meeting on the pitch with all his staff after the loss against Liverpool.

He put himself in the public eye and caused the press to wonder whether he would be leaving the club.

At the same time it also took his players out of the spotlight, which was very clever in my eyes.

After that he’ll now be hoping that his players roll up their sleeves, dig in and give him the backing he deserves.