Chipping In with Darren Foreman: Congratulations to everyone at Boro

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I have got to start with congratulations to Rudy Funk, the players and everyone connected to Scarborough Athletic for gaining promotion to the Evostick first division.

As the biggest club in their division expectation and pressure has been on the team which sometimes brings added difficulties but they have coped admirably and deserve the accolades which have come their way.

The players will have an opportunity to ply their trade at a higher standard, to progress their careers and go again for another promotion push.

I am sure there were a few sore heads last Sunday morning but worth it nonetheless.

Luis Saurez has again hit the headlines for the wrong reasons following his ‘biting’ incident on Branislav Ivanovic which was nothing short of disgraceful, even the staunchest Liverpool supporters would find it hard to defend his actions.

Maybe he thought a part in twilight was about to come his way but his 10 match ban was justified especially after the indiscretion last season with Patrice Evra and subsequent non hand shake.

As we were told as a kid he will learn the hard way but I for one think he shouldn’t be paid during his enforced sabbatical just to give him more food for thought.

Last week because there was no column meant that I didn’t comment on Adam Scott’s win at Augusta in the US Masters.

He was a worthy winner of the green jacket and it was sad to see that his win was overshadowed by the controversy surrounding Tiger Woods non disqualification.

In my mind he should have been DQ and I think he would of gone up in everyone’s estimation and maintained the ethos of golf being a gentlemans game had he excluded himself following his indiscretion.

The Masters committee bottled the decision and I am sure with American TV pressuring them to keep the star attraction in the tournament, they made a hash of their ruling.

The right man won in my eyes.

Quote of the week: “I wanted to sack him in October because I didn’t think it was working out. But I couldn’t because of what was happening with the sale.” Ken Bates on Neil Warnock.

Team of the week: Take your pick Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund, who took apart the two Spanish big guns Real and Barcelona.