Could league football return to Scarborough?

Weaponness developmen plans 300 test
Weaponness developmen plans 300 test

SCARBOROUGH could host a Football League ground again at some point in the future, according to council chief Tom Fox.

Fox also hasn’t ruled out a possible deal in the future that could see Scarborough Athletic owning the Weaponness development.

He said: “A ground has to be affordable and should pay for itself.

“The former Scarborough Athletic chairman Richard Adamson was clear in his views that the club should be allowed to thrive.

“The club doesn’t need a noose round its neck, so at the moment a lease agreement would be perfect.

“There may come a time when the club comes to us and says that they would like to purchase what has been built.

“This isn’t just my decision, but I think why not?

“Things are moving along very nicely with the Weaponness Development at the moment and we are still very confident that it will be up and running in 2014.

“We have entered competitive dialogue with certain interested parties and we are currently looking through some realistic ideas.

“There is a point during this sort of development where there are long silent periods.

“This isn’t because nothing is being done, it is because it is at a private stage when nothing can be released to the public.”

He added: “There is plenty of scope to develop at Weaponness.

“There couldn’t be a Premiership ground there, but if Scarborough Athletic do get into the Premiership they probably won’t want to play there.

“There is the potential to satisfy any of the ground grading categories, which would satisfy the club’s ambitions.”