Daniel Gregory’s Column: Annoying time for sports fans

Laura Robson
Laura Robson

Well here we are again - England lose in the last eight of a major tournament on penalties and Sky Sports News spend 24 hours talking rubbish about it.

Does anyone else genuinely agree with me when I say that the 24 hour news coverage has gone way too far?

I think I’ve seen stats on everything from England’s possession, to Wayne Rooney’s goal scoring record at major tournaments. What a complete and utter waste of time. We lost to a better team, end of, get over it and move on.

It’s just a shame that we move straight from everyone slating England onto the most annoying fortnight of the year, Wimbledon.

I don’t mind watching the odd game of tennis every now and then, I watched Laura Robson’s defeat to Mesut Ozil look-alike Francesca Schiavone on Tuesday, and I was disappointed to see Robson go out.

Obviously she is a young, English girl who seems to have a bright future. But the main reason behind my disappointment is that unless I avoid every newspaper, television channel and radio station for the next few weeks I’ll have to endure our odd support of Scotsman Andy Murray.

How desperate must we be to support Murray? As annoying as the shouts of ‘Come on Tim’ were, I’d give anything to roll back the years to watching Tim Henman uniting the nation behind him.

Murray has no redeemable characteristics, he’s openly not a fan of England, yet we buy into him every year. Why?

I have nothing against Scotland or Scottish people, but do you ever see them queuing up to cheer on England teams or English sportsmen and women? No is the simple answer.

Nine out of 10 Scotland fans would sooner cheer on Germany over England, which is sad in a way, but also understandable.

So why do we support Murray so vehemently? It doesn’t add up to me.

Now that England have had their customary quarter-final exit from a major tournament, Sky Sports News would have nothing else to talk about other than Rangers’ financial woe and speculating transfers left, right and centre if they didn’t back Murray.

The 24 hour coverage of sport has resulted in an unprecedented level of scrutiny on our sporting stars these days, which is why managers last two seasons if they’re lucky now.

I think it’s too late to stop this phenomenom now though. Players and managers have no escape from the ridiculous amount of exposure and scepticism they have to deal with now.

So, for the next month I will be doing my very best to avoid Sky Sports News and their over-the-top, repetitive coverage of Murray and his chances of finally winning ‘Britain’ a Wimbledon title.