Daniel Gregory’s Column: Rent-a-quote Whelan should keep quiet

Dave Whelan and current Wigan manager Roberto Martinez
Dave Whelan and current Wigan manager Roberto Martinez

Anyone who reads my column on a regular basis will know that I’m not a huge admirer of Liverpool Football Club.

I have had many a debate on Twitter with the town’s loyal Reds after making comments in this column in the past.

This one is for you Nick Sumpton, Pete Sumpton and Paul Romans - enjoy it while it lasts.

I fully agree with Liverpool’s managing director Ian Ayre in going public with his disappointment at Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan’s public comments about the Anfield club’s discussions with his manager Roberto Martinez.

Whelan always seems to be on Sky Sports News commenting on this and that.

As a sports journalist, there is nothing better than a reliable local source that you can go to for comments and scoops.

I like to think I have a few up my sleeve that I can call upon to find out what is going on in town at the various clubs and leagues.

Dave Whelan must be number one on the speed dial of every single sports journalist at Sky.

Whether it be a manager getting sacked, a player in the headlines or a team winning a competition, trusty Mr Whelan will be outside the aptly named DW Stadium with a Sky cameria shoved in his face.

Now don’t get me wrong, in certain ways I admire Whelan.

I remember watching Wayne Biggins and Co playing for Wigan against Scarborough back in the day, and look where the man has single-handidly taken the club.

He has never stood in a manager or player’s way if they wanted to progress their careers and move on to a bigger club. That is definitely to be applauded.

But I am genuinely getting sick of seeing the man commenting on things left, right and centre.

While it was quite odd that Liverpool FC flew Martinez all the way to Miami for talks with owner FSG, it seems Whelan couldn’t quite contain himself and was on the TV constantly talking about his manager being offered the Liverpool job.

It seems, however, that he wasn’t, and that Whelan was just delivering rumours.

As Ayre put it this week: “To be honest, I always thought John Bishop was the biggest comedian in the North West but Dave Whelan seems to have taken that mantle over the last couple of weeks.”

That sums it up nicely.