Daniel Gregory’s Column - Young’s message to the Council is on the money

The former McCain Stadium
The former McCain Stadium

As we embark upon our new Olympic Legacy initiative ‘Inspiring Youth’, I find myself agreeing with Scarborough RUFC chief executive Graeme Young, who questioned the council’s sporting ambitions in his programme notes at the weekend.

Now, I’m not for one minute trying to get involved with their legal wranglings, that’s not my place, but when Young asks the council ‘Who are you inspiring?’, he is bang on the money.

Since starting this job in June 2010 I have realised a couple of things.

One - You can’t please everyone.

And two - No matter who I speak to in the local sporting fraternity, they are critical of Scarborough Borough Council when it comes to the issue of sport, and more precisely, sporting facilities in the town.

I’ve mentioned before in this column that the facilities in this town don’t match up to those in smaller places like Pocklington, Pickering and countless others.

Why is that?

Scarborough FC weren’t supported in their hour of need and the youngsters of Scarborough now have to travel to Bridlington to watch NCEL football, or choose another team.

That is a crying shame. I used to love going down to the McCain Stadium to watch Boro play, youngsters growing up now don’t have that chance.

Then you’ve got the cricket club, who will announce astronomical losses on this year’s Cricket Festival after two rain-affected days during the LVCC match against Gloucestershire.

If it wasn’t for the intervention of businessmen in the past, and the recent backing of Kevin Grace and Tesco, the club could be in real trouble.

Would SBC get involved there? I’ll let you make your own minds up on that one.

And then there’s the rugby club, who are having their battle with local residents in Scalby about sound levels.

Are the council supporting the club? No.

There is a theme starting to appear here, isn’t there?

I’d like to see a sporting committee formed by the council.

We have some driven, ambitious, connected sporting figureheads in Scarborough, like Sam Greetham, for example.

What harm would it do to get these people round a table to discuss how we can get children involved in sport, while improving our local facilities?

In the meantime, our venture will hopefully take care of that for them.

We’re really excited to get going with ‘Inspiring Youth’.

The one thing that resonated with me from the superbly-run 2012 Games was the opportunity that me must not miss out on.

Kids aren’t as interested in sports as we used to be and we need to use the success of the games to try and put that right.