Daniel Gregory’s weekly column: ITV and BBC ought to follow Sky’s example

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For all the glam, razzamataz and hype surrounding Euro 2012, both ITV and the BBC are managing to restore equilibrium with their uninspiring, bland and at times embarassing TV coverage.

It’s bad enough having Adrian Chiles fronting up the ITV coverage, but they have decided to add Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane to that mix as well.

It doesn’t stop with Chiles’ attempts at wit in the studio either, their commentary is almost as bad.

So many unecessary statements that have absolutely nothing to do with the game they’re being paid to analyse.

The BBC have a presenter worth his weight in gold in Gary Lineker - but they insist on keeping the likes of Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson, with their archaic knowledge of the game, on their sofa.

Aside from the dour efforts at humour from Chiles, it is the selection of Hansen and Lawrenson that bemuses me almost as much as Roy Hodgson’s inclusion of Stewart Downing and Martin Kelly.

Hansen astutely predicted that Portugal, Germany and Holland would all make the semi-final stage of the tournament.

The fact that they’re all in the same group might, just maybe, render that impossible.

In the first game of the tournament as the Greeks were trailing Poland at half-time, Hansen stated: “You’d expect the Poles to go on and win comfortably.”

On what basis did Hansen come up with that statement? My best guess - it was a wild stab in the dark.

Add to all of the above the fact we have to endure the voice of Kent-born Andy Townsend, who later changed allegiances to play for the Republic of Ireland.

Say what you want about Sky Sports - but you can’t deny that their coverage is of the highest quality in comparison with ITV and BBC.

They re-launched Monday Night Football show with great success and signed up Gary Neville, who has proved an inspired addition.

Their cricket coverage is brilliant. David Gower presents superbly, and you have the likes of Michael Atherton, Nasser Hussain and Ian Botham, who all talk sense, even if they differ every now and then.

Surely BBC and ITV chiefs must sense it’s time for a shake-up.