Darren Foreman: Mixed weekend for Mania

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Jockey Ryan Mania had a weekend of highs and lows after he was thrust into the sporting headlines.

After winning the Grand National on Saturday in front of 50,000 people and winning £50,000 in the process, he then came off his horse at Hexham and picked up what could have been a very serious injury.

It shows you in sport how you can be up one minute and then down the next.

I discovered that in his win before the Grand National, an outing at Wetherby, he won the princely sum of £183, which was a little different to his haul at Aintree.

The jump jockeys have to earn a living in a very precarious trade, bceause of that I have a lot of respect for them and what they do.

In horseracing the biggest winner is generally the bookmaker, they will have been loving it when the 66-1 outsider Auroras Encore came in at Aintree, yet at the same time it was still a great day for Mania and his stable.

It was also a good day for Scarborough Athletic’s Jimmy Beadle, who as well as helping his team to a win against Winterton, he also came out much better off. I’m going to have a chat with Jimmy about any future tips he has.

Horseracing is one of those very different sports because you can’t see the likes of Tiger Woods or any top footballers putting their life on the line for £183.

There is a big difference in so many sports. If you watch racing live it is actually quite terrifying. They definitely earn their money because they are travelling at such speeds, especially the jumps jockeys who also have to negotiate the fences on the way around the course.

It is you and the horse out there, you don’t get a lot of protection and that hasn’t changes in the past 50 years. It is a hard sport because as well as the dangers you have to worry about your weight, so you have to make sacrifices to stay at the top of your business.

As a rule Footballers usually slot into two categories in their spare time, they either like the racing or they like the golf - I slotted into the second category.

A number of my ex-colleagues would come in with their papers to pick out the winners for the day, though I doubt any had much success on the National, this year or in previous years.

Golf is also taking up a few of the headlines at the moment with the Masters taking place over in Augusta.

A lot of people have put their money on Tiger Woods after his recent good turn of form, the fact that he has done well before and also that he likes this course.

I don’t think he will have it all his own way. Sergio Garcia as started well and you have the English contingent who are also looking useful at this stage.

The most interesting factors for me were the youngest and oldest competitors in the event.

Fourteen-year-old Guan Tianlang should be at school rather than taking part in the Masters, yet he is doing exceptionally well when he possibly should be busy doing his homework.

He is hitting the ball where some of the bigger hitters were hitting it. To shoot one over on his first round at Augusta is some going. There were some seasoned pros that were doing much, much worse than him.

At the other end of the scale, Freddie Couples at 53 finished on four under. I’m not expecting him to win it, but Tom Watson proved a few years ago that there is more than one way to go out there and skin a cat.

It is about making your mistakes at the right times, which is something these experienced players know all too well. Don’t make a double bogey just make a bogey.

Pressure is the key. It is like taking a penalty as a footballer. In training you can knock them in all day long, but put somebody in front of 50.000 people and it is a different kettle of fish.

It is difficult to pick somebody out, but I don’t think Lee Westwood will be too far away.

His short game isn’t as good as some of them, but he is playing with confidence, which is massive in any sport.

There is always somebody that comes out of the pack that nobody expects to do well, I’m looking forward to see who that will be this year.