Derek Exley: Weather isn’t helping

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The weather isn’t looking good again this weekend, therefore i cant see the game against Reckitts AFC going on

The currenting freezing blast has also stopped us training at Pindar, but I cancelled those sessions weeks ago as I knew we would be struggling to get on there.

We are still in training as its good to keep the lads fit. It has been a case of doing a lot of work indoors at the sports centre, but the lads don’t mind that because it means they all stay sharp.

One good thing about not having games is that some of the lads can recover from injuries and its a chance for them all to rest.

But the bad thing is that there will be a backlog towards the end of the season and that is when we won’t have a full strength side. Some lads will pick up injuries as they will be playing three or four games a week and some lads wont be able to get to games as they will be working and the games will be away.

It ruins it in a way as we won’t be able to play games with full-strength side, which isn’t ideal.

Throughout this freezing spell we just need to keep the lads rallied and motivated as its frustrating not to get many games.