Division three to tackle division two rivals.

TOP MAN ... Seamer's Luke Jones
TOP MAN ... Seamer's Luke Jones

SUNDAY League third division select manager Geoff Osguthorpe is looking forward to the challenge of taking on their second division rivals tonight.

In the match being played at Filey’s Clarence Drive (6.30pm ko), Osguthorpe will pit his wits against second division boss Billy-Jo Johnson.

Osguthorpe said: “We are all very much looking forward to the game.

“It will be a hard match, With myself not really knowing a lot of the players well and them not knowing me, but we will go out there try to be as organised and as hard working a unit as we can to make it difficult for the opposition.

“We have plenty of goal threats from within the squad, which, with having the rotating subs options, will be giving everyone a fair run out.

“I am not sure of the captain yet, a few players in the squad are captain of their respective sides and so will have a tough decision to make on that.

“We have a good mix with players from nearly every team in the league.“I think the key players for us will be Mikey Barker, Danny Collins and Adam Ykheif.”

Johnson added: “It should be a great occasion and all the players will want to impress and win the game.

“Filey is a good venue for the game and it will be interesting to see who wins.

“There are some very talented players in both suqads. We have the likes of Mikey Barker from Turks Head, who has had a terrific season and Old Vic’s Danny Collins, who can score goals along with Tom Scales.

Division three select: Ryan Hunter, Phil Clothier (Alma), Mikey Barker, Tom Scales (Turks Head), Lee Brennan (Whitby Wanderers), Rob Ward, Danny Collins (Old Vic), Matt Moorhouse, Ashley Buck (Commercial), Ian Watts (Albert), Jamie Hartley (Castle Tavern), Adam Ykheif (Manor), Chris Watson, Mick Dugdale, James Temple (West Pier Res), Mike Brennan (Scarborough Sports).

Division two select: Tom Hicks, Mark Oldroyd, Elliott Spurr (itis itis), Chris Hannam, Luke Jones (Seamer), Alex Wray (Traf Res), Lee Eblet, Phil Dickens, Dave Thompson (Filey Flyers), Carl Hepples (Sun), Kieran Link, Kurt Williamson, Cameron Malcolm, Jake Faicnhey, Tom Gray(Fylingdales), Jonny Woolford (Pirates).