Ex-Boro players’ relief at new leisure village progress

An artist's impression of the proposed Weaponness Leisure Village
An artist's impression of the proposed Weaponness Leisure Village

Scarborough footballers from past generations have expressed their relief that the wheels of progress are finally turning towards the construction of the Weaponness Leisure Village.

After a public consultation, which kicks off on Friday, a planning application for the complex, which includes a new football ground, a 25-metre swimming pool and other sporting facilities, is expected to be put in to Scarborough Borough Council by the end of the month.

This could end years in the wilderness for Scarborough Athletic, who have been playing in Bridlington since the liquidation of Scarborough FC and the closure of the McCain Stadium.

Mark Quayle, who scored Scarborough FC’s winning goal to book the FA Cup game against Chelsea in 2004, said: “It shouldn’t have gone on this long, a football ground is an integral part of any town and football in Scarborough has missed the opportunity to have a better history.

“When football was taken away from Scarborough it will have left a hole. It shows the passion of the fans that they have made the effort and sacrifice of travelling to Bridlington.

“They shouldn’t have had to do that.”

Mitch Cook, who played in Scarborough FC’s Conference winning team in 1987, added: “It is encouraging.

“Many people thought we’d never see a new ground in the town, I now just hope that they build a ground that Scarborough deserves.

“I look at my childhood and I remember walking down Seamer Road to watch football. So many children haven’t had that.

“I work in school and many children don’t even know there was a ground in town.

“We need that hub of football back once again.”

Current Boro joint-boss and former Scarborough FC player Paul Foot said: “I was there for two years, but they were two great years.

“At the moment it is hard when you don’t have a ground. When we move back I’ll be able to tell players my dreams and my ambitions when I’m selling the club to them.

“If Bryan Hughes and myself are lucky enough to lead the club out in Scarborough once again then it would be a great honour and a fantasic achievement for everyone involved.”