EXCLUSIVE: Ref: Regret at moment of madness

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Share your thoughts. Tweet @SN_Sport or email daniel.gregory@jpress.co.uk

The Football Association are investigating an incident in which a Scarborough referee was involved in a physical altercation with a player.

The Scarborough News Saturday League division two clash between Scalby and Filey Town Reserves was brought to a bizarre halt after referee John Chalk and Scalby’s Carl Marton were involved in an exchange of words that led to punches being thrown.

After the ensuing melee was calmed, Chalk called a premature halt to proceedings, to the bemusement of both sets of players.

Scalby midfielder Marton said: “It was a bizarre situation.

“I just walked over to him after we’d had a verbal exchange and before I knew it we were on the ground.

“I’ve heard all sorts this week that I’ve had a fight with a referee - I haven’t.

“I had a bruised lip and it was swollen afterwards, I was just stunned by what had happened.

“I just want to forget about it all now.

“The club have taken a statement off me and some of the other players and hopefully we can leave it there.”

Speaking to The Scarborough News, Chalk admitted his deep regret following the incident.

Chalk said: “You see it happen quite a lot with two players, but not with the ref.

“It just happened in half a second, it was just a moment of madness.

“It was just daft from both of us. Things just escalated.

“It’s sickened me to the pit of my stomach. I played football for years and always enjoyed a bit of banter on the pitch.

“I came into refereeing to give something back to the game.

“My intentions were good, it just happened in a flash, but we’ll have to see what the FA come back with now.

“It’s an awful situation.”

Scalby defender Karl Hansell was stunned by the events.

He said: “The Scalby player was pretty wound up and threw some choice words at the referee.

“What the referee should have done was send him off, but what took place was just unbelievable.”

Chalk confirmed he has sent his report to the FA.

He added: “I’ve reported the incident to the FA and they’ve said they’re going write to both clubs involved and see if any of the players want to comment.

“They’ll then decide if I have to go to a disciplinary or not.”

Chalk officiated the division one clash between Whitby Fishermen’s Society and Filey Town on Saturday, and was also linesman for the League Cup final at Mill Lane on Monday night.

“They told me just to carry on as normal until they make their judgement,” confirmed Chalk.

Both Scalby and Filey Town confirmed they have sent their version of events to the FA after a request was made.

We contacted both the Scarborough & District Saturday League and the North Riding County FA, but both bodies refused to comment.

Filey led the game 5-2, but with only 52 minutes on the clock, the game will be played again.