Football is coming home for Athletic

Read the Scarborough News every Thursday for all the latest Boro news and stats
Read the Scarborough News every Thursday for all the latest Boro news and stats

Football is coming home this weekend when we play our first game at Queensgate in over a month against Brighouse on Saturday.

It has come to the point were I can’t remember what our ground looks like because we have played so many games away from home in recent weeks.

I find it a bit unfair, there should be a balance of one home and one away, but for some reason it doesn’t work out like that.

Obviously we like to play on our own pitch, but it also affects the supporters.

Football is based on generations, from the younger fans, through middle-aged to the older generation.

Some older supporters can’t make it to our away games because of price and other reasons, while the younger fans have to be accompanied if they go.

Mainly the majority of fans who travel to our away games are middle-aged, so each end of the spectrum have to wait for us to return home, which isn’t ideal.

It will be great to be back playing on our pitch as well.

Saturday’s pitch at Winterton and the pitch at Tadcaster may have looked nice from the touchline, but the recent heavy rain made it very sticky.

When that is the case you have to alter your tactics a little, which isn’t great when we tend to concentrate on one and two touch passing football in training.

Tomorrow night is another big night for the club because we have the AGM and fans forum at Scarborough Bowls Centre from 7pm.

I can’t wait because it will be a relaxed evening and I hope the fans have their questions prepared because I am looking forward to answering each of them.

They will all get an honest anwer from me.

The majority of our players will also be there on the night, so our supporters can have a chat with them away from the hustle and bustle of a game situation.