Former Boro favourite Foreman feels for injured Coulson

Former Scarborough forward Michael Coulson scores for his new club York City against Exeter.
Former Scarborough forward Michael Coulson scores for his new club York City against Exeter.

Former Scarborough FC striker Darren Foreman has expressed his sympathy for York City forward Michael Coulson, who has been ruled out for the rest of the season after injuring his cruciate ligament for the third time.

Foreman, whose playing career was cut short by a serious injury, empathises with the former Scarborough FC striker, who was just beginning to find form at the League Two side.

Coulson was injured in York’s game against Accrington Stanley last month and will now be forced to sit out the rest of the campaign.

The news comes as a massive blow to Coulson, who scored five goals at Bootham Crescent and was becoming a favourite among the City fans.

Foreman said: “It’s a big blow for Michael as he was playing well by the sounds of things.

“I know a few York City fans and they were raving about his performances, but this is a hazard of football.

“Twenty years ago he may have struggled to play again but thankfully modern sports science has advanced and he will maybe be back for pre-season next year.

“It’s terrible timing for Michael as he has just gone back into the Football League and it must be so disappointing for him.

“I’ve spoken to him on Facebook, he just needs to be as positive as possible now.”

Foreman admits that the worst part of being injured is the solitude of the physiotherapist’s room, spending most of the time away from the rest of the squad.

His advice to Coulson is to keep busy and visit the rehab centre at Lilleshall.

Foreman added: “The physio will become his best friend over the next six months or so.

“He just needs to keep busy and as positive as possible. Medical science is fantastic now so he just needs to put his faith in the medical staff at York City and take everything on board.

“My best advice would be for Michael to go down to Lilleshall to the rehab centre there, There would be other injured players there and the advice and company you get is superb.

“One of the worst parts of being injured is the solitude. You only really see the players come in and then leave. Being at Lilleshall you have the camaraderie among all the injured players.”

Coulson will need to go under the knife before he can start his long road to recovery, and Foreman insists he needs to stay positive and remain patient.

He added: “The biggest thing is not to get too down on yourself. He’ll need to get the surgery out of the way and then he can start rehab.

“There is nothing worse than coming back too early from an injury and it’s a long road ahead, but Michael is a bubbly character and he’ll be fine.

“He has a big family and is a popular character so he’ll get plenty of support along the way.”

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