Funk calls for positive outlook


Scarborough Athletic boss has made a passionate appeal to the fans to stay behind the club when they embark on their next adventure in the Evo-Stik South.

There have been mixed views about the decision to put Boro into the southern section because they were originally expected to be placed in the northern division.

Funk is keen for people to take a positive look at the situation, as he hopes to hit the ground running in the 2013-14 campaign with the full backing of the fans.

“I was as surprised as many of our fans, but I’m just happy that the decision has been made,” said Funk.

“On Sunday I picked up a newspaper and it was one of the proudest moments of my life to see the name of Scarborough Athletic in the national league system.

“We had a green band on our name that was designated for the champions, again adding to my satisfaction.

“I often have a look at posts on websites, hear feedback and receive calls from people, so I understand the feelings of the fans.

“I can see the problems with transport, travel and cost because that is something I do a lot, coming up to Bridlington and Scarborough on a number of occasions every week.

“If you look at our games against Worksop, Brighouse, Retford when we won the trophy and then Glasshoughton, our fans were amazing.

“There has been so much work done by the board, the club and the fans, we don’t want to waste that.

“If there is an issue with travelling then people can ring me and I will help in any way that I can.

“If people can’t get to away games then lets get together for home games and make Queensgate the fortress that we need it to be.

“I am appealing to the fans because they have been immense for us. I need them and more to get behind the team when the season kicks off.

“The teams will be better because they are showered with some amazing footballers.

“I hope the fans can trust me and forget about the negativity, we have to look forward to our next journey.

“When I have looked around the ground at our games, seeing that many people supporting us is an unbelievable feeling.

“I need that feeling now because hopefully it will help propell us to more success next season.”

Funk has a good knowledge of clubs in both the northern and southern section, he is now looking forward to locking horns in some attractive, new fixtures.

He added: “I know the southern division very well, though I also know a lot about the teams in the northern section because I went to a lot of games last season.

“The styles are very different, in the north the focus is on football, but in the south it is more about physicality.

“In that division we will have some great fixtures against the world’s oldest club in Sheffield and the little village team of Rainworth that I managed to promotion a few years ago.

“Lets go and enjoy this adventure together and push forward as a club.”