Funk demands answers from Boro

Rudy Funk strides off the pitch for the last time as Boro manager
Rudy Funk strides off the pitch for the last time as Boro manager

Departing Scarborough Athletic manager Rudy Funk has told The Scarborough News that he could not continue in his role after his trust was broken by the club’s board.

Funk left the club after 179 games in charge on Monday night, a move that he is absolutely devastated about.

As well as moving to praise the club’s fans, Funk was also swift to demand answers from the board.

“Hopefully the chairman Dave Holland will be big enough and strong enough to say why I have actually left the club,” said Funk.

“Their promises and my trust was broken. When things like that are not fulfilled then there is nothing but a dead end.

“Once you lose that trust then things were only going to be one way.

“This whole thing has affected me. I have been so stressed by the situation.

“Maybe the fans have noticed that I haven’t been my bubbly self and I think that has affected the changing room and the performances.

“It isn’t good for anyone and I hope that the fans get the answers they deserve.”

Funk added: “I would like to say a huge thank you to the fans. If I ignored or upset anyone during my time in charge then I would like to apologise because they all mean so much to me.

“The fans of Scarborough Athletic are like an amazing family to me.

“I have had so many kind words spoken, texts and tweets, the gutting thing is the fact that I didn’t get to say a proper goodbye.

“Nobody will understand how I felt when I walked out in front of the 700 fans at Pickering ahead of my first game, or when I saw the supporters with tears in their eyes when we won promotion.

“The closeness between manager and a group of supporters isn’t often that close.

“I would have travelled a much longer distance than from my house in the Midlands just to watch these fans enjoy their football.

“This isn’t just a thank you to the fans though, it is for all the people involved who spread the news, good and bad, about the club.

“The club took a huge chunk of my life, to end it in this way leaves me gutted by the whole situation.

“I had earmarked for Bryan Hughes and Paul Foot to take over from me because I was getting on in years. I just hope the fans show them the same love that they showed to me.”