Funk furious with Boro flops

Ryan Blott celebrates after Boro's second against Pickering Town     Picture by James Hunter
Ryan Blott celebrates after Boro's second against Pickering Town Picture by James Hunter

Scarborough Athletic boss said a huge sorry to the travelling fans after Saturday’s derby debacle at Pickering Town’s Mill Lane

After taking a two-goal lead, Boro contrived to allow the Pikes to fight back and grab a thrilling 3-2 victory.

This infuriated Funk, who is now monitoring performances in case changes to his squad need to be made.

“It is the biggest local derby and we haven’t been up for it,” said Funk.

“I just want to apologise to the fans, they were marvellous, even when we were losing they were cheering and shouting.

“In contrast I have no sympathy for the team at all.

“After going 2-0 up we put in such a poor display. I spoke to Darren France and Denny Ingram on the touch-line and we couldn’t see what we could change to make things better.

“I know what happened. When we went two goals up, apart from Tony Hackworth and Ryan Blott, we thought we had won the game.

“It isn’t good and it isn’t good when we look at where we want to be.

“I am going to look long and hard now to evaluate certain players and how we need to switch things around. I just haven’t recognised our side.

“It is nothing to do with the management, I entirely blame the players, there is no question about that.

“Darren, Denny and myself were up for the game big time, but, apart from Ryan and Tony, the players weren’t.

“These are harsh words and if the players don’t like it they can go. I am the manager and I praise them when they do well, but that just wasn’t acceptable at all.

“After 15 games of the season I am baffled that we can display such a poor style of play. Before the game we were joint-top, you wouldn’t have thought it after that display.

“All the hard work we have done so far has been undone by that 90 minutes of football.”