Funk fury at fan blast

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Scarborough Athletic boss Rudy Funk was left apoplectic with rage after hearing some recent comments by fans of the club.

As well as some supporters slating the NCEL Premier leaders’ performance in Tuesday’s 2-1 win against Barton Town, rumours also broke out round Queensgate of an alleged fall-out between defenders Denny Ingram and Louis Horne.

Funk moved swiftly to quash this tale, then he also hit out at the fans that have been giving his team a hard time.

Boro play host to Winterton on Saturday, 3pm, in a game that could see them move within seven points of a century of points this season.

They currently lead second-placed Brighouse by six points with just a handful of fixtures remaining.

“Some of the comments I heard the other night were disgraceful and disrespectful to Barton Town,” he fumed.

“Barton are an excellent side, so for us to pick up all three points against them should be applauded. Instead I heard people talking some absolute rubbish about our performance.

“This is at a time when one of my clubs has reached the 90-point mark for the first time in my career, which is a fantastic achievement by the lads.

“I rang all of the lads and told them this after the game. They have enough to focus their minds on at the moment without getting abuse from the fans.

“These are people that know nothing about football. They probably sit in their front room, eat their fish and chips, spill sauce on the floor and then sit in it.

“Football isn’t just about what you do with the ball, it is also about what you do off the ball.

“These people need to go out and get a lesson about football before they comment.”

Funk added: “I also heard some rumours after the game about a fall-out between Denny and Louis, which again is nonsense.

“The lads went out for a night out in York after the draw against Brid and they all had a fantastic night, nothing happened like that at all.

“As I said after the game on Tuesday night, some players have families that the sometimes have to put first, which is fair enough at this level.

“Both Bryan Hughes and Louis fell into that category over the past week, and both will be back in the squad against Winterton - that is that.”