Funk happy with cup decision

Rudy Funk
Rudy Funk

Scarborough Athletic boss Rudy Funk feels that the NCE League have made a sensible decision in ditching the Presidents Cup for the new season.

Boro had qualified for the competition, having finished in the top eight of the NCEL Premier, but due to an influx in new teams, the league opted to call time for a season.

Funk said: “People can look at cup competitions in different ways, some think that too many cups can give you too many games, while other take a positive view on it.

“Maybe with there being more league fixtures next season, resting the Presidents Cup for a season is the sensible thing to do.

“Probably 99 per cent of clubs will concentrate on the league, so to limit the amount of cup games can be seen as correct.

“Personally I think that cup competitions are great for clubs, but at the same time you can have that fixture backlash if you have a run or two.”

Boro will still playing in the NCE League Cup, the FA Cup and the FA Vase.