Funk plans to give a bit back

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Scarborough Athletic boss is hoping for his team to give a bit back when they play host to Worksop Parramore on Saturday, 3pm.

Not only was Funk left scratching his head after the midweek disappointment in the North Riding FA Cup, but he also feels that he owes a lot to the fans after they helped cheer Boro to a 4-4 draw at Worksop in September.

He said: “We are looking forward to getting back into league action, especially after that in midweek.

“I still maintain what I said after the game on Tuesday night, it was a disrespectful performance from our lads.

“That is the end of it now, we have to move on and focus on our next game.

“I think we owe our fans for that and we also owe our fans for cheering us to the 4-4 draw at Worksop.

“We looked to be in trouble at 3-1 down, but the supporters really got behind us and helped to push us to a great away point.

“I want to give a bit back to them against Worksop this time, though it won’t be easy.

“It will be a great game of football because they have a good side and so do we. It is a game where everyone will be up for it.”

Funk has the option of including new attackers Henry Sibenge and David Brown in the line-up, but he is currently pondering his options.

“The squad is well, everyone is available, but I haven’t made my final decision yet.”