Funk questions B team plans

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Scarborough Athletic boss Rudy Funk feels that the FA need to have another look at their plans to introduce B teams into the English pyramid.

The Football Association have announced a scheme to integrate B teams from Premiership and possibly Championship clubs into the English game in a bid to improve the fortunes of the national team.

Funk believes that this would contribute little and that the FA should look at the amount of foriegn players in the top flight if they are to solve the current decline.

He said: “If they are to make things better the FA need to cut foreign players down to a minimum and give young English players a start.

“I was delighted to see Southampton and more recently Manchester United giving young English players a go and that seems to be working for them.

“The number of foreign players should be cut down to four or five per club and then things should be looked at after that.

“This new plan would just make a glorified reserve league and it would also get rid of the loan system, which has worked so well for so many years.

“All the top teams have development squads, reserve teams and B teams already, so what difference would it make?

“Many of the academy set-ups are full of foreign players anyway. Clubs would be putting them in the B team, putting in coaching and finance and then watching them disappear to somewhere like Italy, especially if new guidelines are brought in to limit the number of overseas players.”