Furious Funk blasts Boro

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Scarborough Athletic boss Rudy Funk let rip at his underachieving players after Tuesday’s North Riding FA Senior Cup embarassment.

Funk was furious after the 2-1 home defeat to Guisborough at Queensgate, leaving the Boro chief mulling over the futures of a few of his players.

He had previously been upset by his side’s showings in a couple of other games this season, but this performance seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

He said: “I’m not happy with the team and certain individuals.

“There are no excuses, we have a talented squad, but to have displays like this aren’t acceptable.

“It is okay standing there and shaking your head after you’ve made a mistake, but they ought to look themselves in the mirror and give themselves a roasting.

“It isn’t right, and when I see that things aren’t right, players have to start looking over their shoulders.

“We are a big club and the expectation levels are high, for me performances like this are just wrong.

“I have been disappointed a couple of times, but this time is one too many.

“I have made my mind up on a few things now.

“There is a big possibility that changes could be rung for the Sutton game.

“I am not at the stage of my career when I choose to sack people or change people there and then.

“You have to think about it and make sure it is a logical decision for the club.

“Enough is enough though, I can’t accept it anymore.”

Many people could view the North Riding FA Senior Cup as a distraction, but it was a competition Funk was keen to push on in.

He added: “We were playing in a quarter-final to try and push our way into a semi-final, surely there should have been more appetite from the players.

“People say these games can be a distraction, but games like the Guisborough one should be relished.

“If we are playing on a Tuesday and a Saturday then it should be music to players’ ears.

“They are young, fit and doing something that they enjoy.”