IT MAY not be the same sport, but Scarborough FC fans may still be able to sit in their old seat one final time.

As demolition work at the former McCain Stadium nears conclusion, the new owners of two of its stands are offering fans a walk down memory lane.

As previously reported, Co-operative Championship rugby league side Featherstone Rovers, who are re-housing the grounds East and West Stands, have offered Scarborough fans the chance to take in a rugby league match next season as a gesture of goodwill.

Now Steve Godber, director of Featherstone Rovers, has said the club are hoping to go one better.

He said: “I have a few names and numbers of ex-fans who have said that, ‘yes, we would like to take in a game of rugby’, so what we are planning to do is contact them soon and hopefully offer them a chance to take in a Featherstone game in the same seat they used to sit in when they went to watch Scarborough.”

Mr Godber has said that plans to offer fans a game at Featherstone’s Big Fellas Stadium are going to be formally discussed at a meeting tonight.

However, he stated that admission to the game will be free of charge and that although the club initially floated the idea of inviting fans to a pre-season friendly in January, they are now looking at the idea of inviting them to a league game.

Mr Godber said: “We want people to really take in the full experience and to enjoy the atmosphere at the ground.

“We are not expecting them to suddenly prefer rugby, but we are confident we can convert a couple of people to take an interest in it, and at least fans will see their stands have found a good home.”

However, former player and current Bridlington manager Mitch Cook is unsure if he will take up the offer. He said: “I was at the ground a few weeks ago and the guy made the offer then, but to be honest, I’m still not sure.

“It would be nice though, and I’m positive a few fans will take them up on it.”

Work on the demolition is expected to conclude in the next three weeks.

According to Mr Godber, the concrete has been removed and the stands are now ready to be transported to Featherstone this week. He empathised with Scarborough fans. “They obviously had a hard time of it, and nobody in sport likes to see this happen.”