Ground set to be broken on Boro’s new home

Senior football took a further step closer to returning to Scarborough this week.

Thursday, 10th September 2015, 3:55 pm
From left, the University Technical College (UTC), Coventry University Campus and Scarborough Athletic football stadium plans for Weaponness, Scarborough

Scarborough Council passed the finances for the multi-million pound Weaponness-based sports village on Monday.

This move continued a chain of events that could see Scarborough Athletic playing in the town as early as January 2017.

Ground looks set to be broken on the new University Training College at Weaponness later this month, with the building of the leisure village following towards the end of the year.

Boro chairman Dave Holland said: “It is important that we rember that when ground is broken it will be broken for the community and not just the club.

“We are proud to be the anchor tennant, but lots of other teams and clubs will be involved with the sports village.

“Work has already started and as every day moves on we will see more major developments on the surface of Weaponness.

“We remain confident that the stadium will be open for business in January of 2017.”

Holland is now looking to put future plans in place ahead of this green light.

He added; “We can really let the brakes off now because we have the opportunity to improve people’s persepctive of football in the town.

“We have worked so hard during our eight years in Bridlington and we must continue that as we build up to our move into Scarborough.

“We have to recognise the loyal fans that have followed us in Bridlington, but also the wider community, sponsors and the younger people of the town.

“Our dream is to bring the club back at the same level that Scarborough FC would have been at when it went out of business.

“It is about bringing back a club to be proud of.”