Hackworth keen to keep the focus

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Scarborough Athletic skipper Tony Hackworth isn’t concerned by the current winter break, which has been enforced by the freezing weather.

Athletic were stung by a similar situation last year when they slipped away from the top of the NCEL Premier table, but the striker is confident that the current leader have what it takes to stay on track.

He said: “At the moment we have played the most games in the league, so this break will affect the teams that have played three or four matches less than us.

“This did cause us a few problems last season, but we have a much better squad this time around, one that can cope with this.

“It might actually be a blessing in disguise because a few of the lads possibly need a rest.

“Nobody likes to see games called off, but from time to time it is nice to have the odd Saturday off.”

Hackworth is another of Boro’s players that have been keeping themselves busy in the gym since the dip in temperature.

He added: “The lads will all be keeping themselves fit, it isn’t easy at times, but it is something you have to do.

“I have been to the gym with Denny Ingram six times a week and the lads are all the same. They are all professional enough and they know what they are doing.

“When we get back and it looks like any players are struggling then the boss Rudy Funk will know.”

Hackworth is obviously happy to be at the top of the table, but he still isn’t taking anything for granted.

Boro are six points above their nearest rivals Bridlington Town and Brighouse, but a lot can change in a short space of time.

“It is a nice position to be in, but we have to remember that there are two clubs right behind us,” he said.

“We have been on a good run of form, but we still haven’t managed to shake them off.

“Brid and Brighouse are still picking up points, but we can’t think about that, we have to focus on ourselves.

“Confidence is high in the changing room, which is due mainly to the fact that we are playing well and scoring goals.

“A lot of the pressure has been taken off Ryan Blott this season because these goals are coming from absolutely everywhere on the pitch.”