Hackworth takes a break

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Scarborough Athletic attacker Tony Hackworth has opted to take an enforced break from the game.

The former Leeds United, Notts County and Scarborough FC man has been struggling with his achilles for a number of months now and he feels that he needs some time away to get things right.

Hackworth, who played a huge part in Boro’s promotion last year, was poised to call it a day, but after a chat with boss Rudy Funk he selected to give his career a little more time.

“I have been struggling with my achilles for the best part of last season and all of this pre-season,” said Hackworth.

“I had to miss pre-season because of it, the pain had started to make my knee a bit sore as well.

“I had to play the first game because of a lack of numbers, but it wasn’t right and it had started affecting my performances.

“When a ball was played in the corner I was worried about chasing it because I kept thinking that my achilles might go completely.

“Playing on at the moment isn’t doing me any favours and it isn’t doing the team any favours, because of that I’ve decided to have a break.”

Hackworth added: “I have a mate who is a physio up in the north east and he told me that I have chronic tendonitis and that it needs shaving.

“I spoke to Rudy because I was thinking of calling it a day completely. He told me to take some time out, which is what I’m going to do.

“I’m not somebody that just wants to sit on the bench and collect money, I want to be involved.

“That is why I’m going to get the proper treatment and get it sorted.

“I’ll be getting in touch with the PFA and I’ll be getting myself in the gym.

“Then after that we’ll have to see how things are.”