Ingram fury at shocking Boro

DENNY Ingram ripped into his Scarborough Athletic teammates after a another woeful NCEL Premier performance on Saturday.

Boro followed on from Tuesday night’s 5-0 thrashing against Bridlington Town, when they lost 1-0 at home to an ordinary Long Eaton United side.

Boss Paul Olsson and experienced defender Ingram watched on in horror from the bench as Boro creaked at the back and created little or nothing over the full 90 minutes.

Ingram fumed: “It was massively disappointing. Players do have bad games, but you still expect them to go out there and have a go. You can’t say that any of our players went out there and did that.

“A lot of them just seemed to be going through the motions.

“On the back of six wins and a good performance at Thackley, they may be thinking that is enough.

“They are playing for a club though, that has the big support it has. The fans demend better and the club demends better.

“When it’s going wrong you go out there, stand up and be counted. For 135 minutes of football - the second half against Brid and this game - not may can say they have done that.

“We didn’t make a tackle until the 89th minute against Long Eaton, which just isn’t good enough.

“The players need to wake up and smell the coffee because that was nowhere near acceptable.

“They need to be honest. If they don’t want to be at this club then they need to go. We want players who want to be here.

“Football is a great game though because they now have the opportunity to go out there tomorrow and put it right.

“Fingers crossed lets hope that they do it, for the fans if nobody else.”