JOHN DEACEY: Derby defeat disappointing for all involved

John Deacey's column
John Deacey's column

The game against Whitby was a massive disappointment for everyone involved.

I feel like we dominated the first half and created chances, but we can’t seem to score any goals.

With our attacking quality we should be scoring plenty of goals and putting games to bed.

We have to be ruthless and should have been two or three up by half-time.

Despite creating chances, two defensive errors cost us and there is more pressure on the defence when we’re not scoring goals.

We should have headed the corner away and dealt with the ball at the back.

I’m not worried at all though. The defence have been superb since the defeat at Stalybridge and things are starting to come together.

Losing Harry Coates was a massive blow to us, he is an important feature to our back four.

He’s been to hospital, had an x-ray, and we will need to re-assess him when the swelling dies down.

The crowd last night were superb.

It’s always good to see the Scarborough fans travelling in numbers and continuing to support us.

It’s part of their lives and as a team we need to make sure that we entertain them.

Looking forward to Saturday’s FA Cup game against Marske, it’s important that we bounce back and pick up a win.

There’s always magic with the FA Cup and it can have incredible financial bonuses for the club if we can go deep in the competition.

It also offers us a break from the league and a chance to improve morale.

Myself and the team will be working hard in training to keep confidence high and ensuring that the players remain positive.

I have spoken to the players at length and have no doubt that we will turn this around.

We need to stick together and continue to believe.